Hermades personal site

This website and every single project I work in is and will be free software (free as in freedom).

What is Free Software?

Free Software is the software that respects the users’ privacy and freedom, in order to a program to be free it must grant the following freedoms:

Why free software?

Because that’s the only way you have to control over your computing, when you don’t have the control, something or someone else has it. Giving another person or entity the control over your computing, your privacy and your freedom is unjust, unethical and dangerous.

I will fight as much as I can to help people recover the control.

Why you should use ONLY free software?

When a program is not free, it is privative software; that is, they take away users’ freedom keeping them divided and helpless.

Divided because they are forbidden from sharing the program, and helpless because the users don’t have the source of the program. That is, they cannot change it, they cannot find out whast the program is really doing, and it can do very bad things.