Hermades personal site

How I do my computing?

Note: This is based the way RMS did it on his page

My computer

I use an Asus X441N, which runs a free operating system (Hyperbola)

GNU/Linux distro

I do not have a preferred GNU/LInux distro.

I’ve been using Debian and Arch based distributions for a long time I got used to them, I’ve also tried Gentoo and Void but none of them are my favourite, I usually switch between them.

What I do on my computer

I am almost all the time working in a project, reading a book or watching videos. I have a lot of books downloaded on my computer, such as the emacs and gdb manual, some others about programming (assembly, C and Perl) and also some hacking books.

When I am not working on any project, reading a book or watching videos, I am hacking my computer, modifying things, testing window managers, opening, reading, movind and copying files, create little programs in programming languages I am learning, practise things using my flashcards in Anki and that sort of stuff.

How I use my computer

I don’t like using a mouse, that’s the reason of my love for tiling window managers. I am currently using dwm, I also use ranger as a file manager, emacs as text editor and lynx for several purposes.

I don’t like wasting my time “ricing” my window manager and I also don’t care about how my desktop looks like. I have no wallpaper, it’s just a black background with a cyan bar in the top, I don’t like beautiful and heavy things as my computer is not that powerful, I prefer to save as much resources as possible for my computing.

How I use the internet

I am so strict about the way I use the internet.

I search things using lynx (connected to the tor network), actually I use lynx whenever is possible, regretably there are some sites that makes it impossible, so when I need a graphical browser I use tor.

I always have JavaScript disabled, unless it’s strictly necessary I won’t turn it on. I also don’t visit websites that uses Cloudflare, without exception, if I open a website and it uses Cloudflare it won’t let me in and I won’t make any change to visit that site, I will simply get out and look for something similar.

I only use a “normal” browser (Abrowser) with websites I trust. Actually, I don’t open any of my websites using that browser, I use tor to see my own sites.

Programming languages

I have used a lot of programming languages throughout my life, but I have never taken one of them seriously, that’s why I barely know something about all of them.

Past year (2020) I started to take seriously a lot of things, such as hacking and programming. I will only learn three languages: C, Perl and NASM.

I use PHP, HTML and CSS a bit, I know how to do simple things there but the code sucks, I used to code a lot on JavaScript but now I don’t like that language.

I’ve never liked Python, C++ or C#. I hate those languages.

How I learned programming

I discovered programming a long time ago (2013 or so), the first thing I learned was to do little things in HTML and then I switched to GameMaker. Now I feel like all the time I spent learning those “languages” were a complete waste of time.

Still I remember that this was the first video I ever saw in my life, I downloaded DreamWeaver and started to do the things that this guy was doing in that video.

Then, I discovered this channel and started to learn CSS (My CSS sucks, I can’t do anything with it, I didn’t learn anything haha)

And then, I discovered this other channel and started learning GameMaker.

I kept using GameMaker and some other languages (PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, SQL) until I discovered Linux (my first linux installationg was Debian in August 26th, 2019), from there I discovered and started liking some other languages like C, Perl and Assembly. Past year (2020) in December I started to take things seriously and learn C, then I will learn Perl and then I will go for Assembly.

Non-free software

I won’t run any non-free software on my computer, NO EXCEPTIONS. I hate non-free software, it disgusts me.

I am so strict with the things that are ran on my computer. I won’t accept any non-free thing, I always try to convert the audio and video formats on my computer, I always run LibreJS and I will not enter a website that requires DRM it will NEVER be activated in any of my browsers.


I will think what to put on this section, and I will update this.